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Compressor off-line and on-line washing can be optimized by using the highly effective gas turbine compressor “super cleaner” Turbo-K®. This product utilizes the most recent research in surfactant chemistry in order to provide for best possible power recovery by means of a triple-active detergent formula.

Turbo-K® was brought to the market in 1998 in order to solve the most common problems which operators had encountered until then with conventional products, for example the insufficient cleaning power of water based detergents in comparison to solvent based products in off-line washing, or the fouling re-deposit problem in the latter stages of the compressor during on-line washing. Traditional surfactants commonly have a rather low “cloud point” and so can not hold the dirt lifted off the first few stages in suspension all the way to the combustion chamber. Instead, when passing the cloud point temperature, the fouling is re-deposited and bakes onto the latter stages of the compressor. Turbo-K® however is immune against the cloud point phenomenon and thus shows exceptional cleaning power particularly in the demanding on-line washing.

Tried and tested by end customers as well as OEMs, Turbo-K® is now always the first choice when gas turbine compressor cleaning is a problem.

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