ISO 9001 FP Turbomachinery BV

About FP Turbomachinery

FP Turbomachinery is a multinational corporation that has been serving major power industry OEMs and rotating equipment users since 1990.

With innovative solutions and custom engineered products available for the global power community, the company’s core business continues to focus on gas turbine auxiliary systems and consumables for maximum engine efficiency and increased output.

FP Turbomachinery corporate offices are located in Germany (parent entity), The Netherlands (engineering, design and production of systems as well as stock and shipping point for consumables) and the USA (contact office for the American continent). The company’s products and services are available through the two European locations as well as a global network of representatives and distributors.

"We are pleased with the workmanship of your systems, quality materials, components and the thorough welding work. Glad to be able to source such well engineered units from you"

(European gas turbine OEM)

"We were very impressed with the results and the performance of FP throughout the whole project, and it was quite a project for many reasons"

(European GT Service Company)