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The TCCS Division of FP Turbomachinery is dedicated to providing top quality compressor cleaning equipment and consulting services to the gas turbine user industry worldwide. FP Turbomachinery manufactures the unique and comprehensive TCCS Turbine Compressor Cleaning Systems suitable for any type and size of industrial, marine or aero engine.

On-line & off-line compressor washing - maintaining the efficiency of gas turbine engines
Throughout the power industry optimum operational efficiency of critical base load gas turbines as well as standby or peak load units is of paramount importance. For the removal of existing compressor fouling, especially in base load operations, liquid compressor washing is recognized as the best method for maintaining top performance and output of gas turbine compressors.

From design to production - state-of-the-art TCCS spraying technology
FP Turbomachinery manufactures complete high tech spraying systems and wash skids which enable gas turbine operators to economically utilize compressor cleaning as part of their routine GT maintenance procedure. Simple installation, easy handling and optimum washing results characterize all TCCS products.

Complete system package and/or on-line & off-line nozzle manifold retrofit
Skid equipped with injection nozzle manifold for either on-line or off-line washing. New technology nozzle update with the supply and installation of state-of-the-art spray rings suitable for existing injections skids.

Fully automatic operation of washing procedure (integration of sequence logic into existing GT control system through cooperation with GT OEM).

Compressor Cleaner "Turbo-K"
Water based, environmentally friendly detergent for effective on-line and off-line compressor washing.

Expert Consulting
Unique solutions for unique turbine washing problems.

Uncompromising quality is the prime consideration in the manufacture of TCCS cleaning systems. Quality components and production guarantee quality results.

TCCS compressor cleaning systems are approved and specified by major GT OEMs and packagers, and installed around the world on gas turbines of all power ratings, from a small Solar Centaur up to heavy duty industrial engines such as the GE Frame 9.

System design and application - flexibility as the key to a customer specific solution
Although the TCCS cleaning systems are available in a standard range of designs, it has become apparent over the years that many gas turbine operators have their own special requirements and specifications for top-of-the-line compressor washing equipment. FP Turbomachinery is able to meet these requirements by engineering unsurpassed custom solutions.

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TCCS® Water wash skids TCCS® Water wash skids TCCS® Water wash skids